Change your habit. Change your life.

Maybe you have thought about it. To change or otherwise improve yourself to be a better person than you were yesterday. Blessed are those who is able to see their own flaws as in the current world, seeing the flaws of others and taking credit from someone’s weaknesses have become a global trend. I’m really proud of you. 

Since there is something about you that you’d like to improve, try to keep the focus to yourself and never ever race against anyone. True success is when you do better today than YOURSELF yesterday. It will be great if you have a target or idol in achieving a goal but again, don’t race with them.

Is changing a habit easy? No. It is hard but definitely possible and it totally depends on the few questions below.

1. What you want?

2. When you want it?

3. Why you want it?

By answering these questions, you’ll know how much passion you have towards a change.  While you figure out the answers, I’ll take a break. 

See you soon.

Sulaiman Sugumar


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