(cont)… Change your habit. Change your life.

1. What you want?

2. When you want it?

3. Why you want it?

Done with these questions? Now lets move to habit changing part. Either you want to develop a new good habit or refrain from a bad one is totally up to you to judge and decide but set your goals clear. Example,

  • What you want? – To run 10km, 3 times a week
  • When you want it? – In 3 months time (Don’t race)
  • Why you want it? – To improve my stamina so that I can take part in a marathon next year.

1.Track – The very first thing you need to do is to track or observe your current habit’s “severity” and frequency. Width & Depth. Observe and record every single thing related directly and indirectly towards your targeted habit (TH). While you are in this first stage, you need not to start practising the TH. Observer your initial status in detail. The observation may vary for every one of us. Some may be running already but only 3km. Some may be running 10km but only once a month. And some, zero run,zero times a week. Yeay! 🙂

2.Plan – The second stage is where you write a schedule on how are you going to achieve your TH in 3 months time. How you design your schedule is completely subjective but I personally will plan out a very slow and steady method. I will never ever rush or be all “greedy” about it and stop everything just in 2 weeks. You can start from 1km

3.Work – I will choose the 3 days I want to run and I will RUN. I don’t have to hit my TH yet. I have 3 months time for that remember? I might run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while tracking my distance. Here I will have a record on my personal stats which will help me to make any changes if need in my schedule. No matter what, I MUST run on these 3 days. By hook. By crook. Zero toleration.