Reality check falling from dreamland…

I walk too tall sometimes that the world suffers from acrophobia. What I think is right and what I do is perfect so leave alone what I feel, cause it is pure. Too much greatness in a single soul is no great at all. But sometimes you have to walk tall, so tall that you fall and rise again only to learn and grow. Can life be any better? πŸ™‚

Before going to bed I usually think about what wrong I saw the whole day. From the lady who didn’t say thank you to the cashier girl in 7eleven, right up to the guy who dumped his love for no apparent reason. And sometimes I do think about pets biting their owners. Grrr.

I was becoming better and better, oh sorry. I was not meaning better in the sense of a better person or a better life, but I was reaching a wholesome level of great capacity for highlighting the mistakes of others and feeling great about me not doing that mistake. 

I completely forgot about myself. How am I doing? And what am I doing? Noticing the mistakes or faults of others alone did not bring me any good. I did have the path to avoid those mistakes I saw because the journey of self enlightenment starts within. It starts with me. So now, every night I think of what good I did and wanting to do more of it the next day, and less of the unpleasant ones. 

This simple “switch” taught me one beautiful lesson. 

Blind is not the eyes that does not see. But that heart that does not feel.

When we don’t look at what lies within, we will never see what is in front of us. Life is beautiful. Life is you. Look within you and you will see more of the beauty of this life. 

Sulaiman Sugumar

The man who didn’t see what was within…


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