Whom do I owe an explanation?

When I choose to lengthen my beard, do I owe anyone an explanation? If I do, to whom? When I walk off from small people with their small talks blooming from their tiny ugly life, do I owe anyone an explanation? To whom? Or when I stand stiff inside the smoking zone box, do I owe anyone an explanation? If I do, to whom?

It appears that I need to explain myself every time I do something “wrong”.

Well, when I behave according to the system, I will be labelled as “correct” and hence I don’t have the need to explain myself. For example, attending an interview with a t-shirt and shorts seems to be “wrong” and I owe an explanation to the interviewer. On the other side if I were to have my suit on, it is “correct” so I don’t owe anyone any explanation. 

And life, I just love saying this, is beautiful. How do I let someone to walk in and determine what is right and wrong based on their understanding which in the end, puts me in a rollercoaster ride of owing and not owing an explanation to someone at least. 

Why can’t I decide on my own, for myself? Why I need to be correct? We all agreed that nobody is perfect, right? So what if I screw up? Wouldn’t I be able to learn and grow? Why do I need to follow something or someone that doesn’t fulfill my soul? Why am I alive if all I have to do is to just follow? 

Only dead fish goes with the flow.

You don’t want to continue what you are studying, quit. Don’t like you job, look for a better one. Hate your spouse, divorce. Want to enjoy life alone, don’t get married. Look like you ate few cameras, hit the gym (only FRIENDS fans will understand :). 

We all have the freedom to choose and of course the consequences follows. Be it good or bad, be brave and strong to bear with it. Respect life and others. Be love and kind even to those who hurt you. Be considerate but don’t just tolerate. Every action has a reaction. Don’t scream and run when the reaction hits you on the face. If your whining is not attached with grinding, you are weak. Mourn and crying. Wake up and start doing what defines yourself.

Be grateful but don’t settle.

Now, whom do I owe an explanation?



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