What have we become?

I observe what is going on in the new world of Facebook particularly on how we humans treat each other. I see how those so called religious people mock at other beautiful religions. I see how girls spread gossips around. I see how guys ill treat the opposite sex. You might have witness people insulting their once-loved-ones and humiliate them publicly but “indirectly”.
I put my hands together to Almighty God, to forgive us all and to protect us from all toxic deed in real life and this virtual world which seemingly more realistic. 
I do ask myself why this deed is becoming more addictive to many of us and of course this includes me and I come up with few points I listed below.
1. We don’t trust in God/Law of Nature.
We don’t believe that everything happens for a reason and there is good behind all like how we preach in social media. We blame someone for any bad thing and always take credit for the good ones. We tend to dust of responsibility over any bad thing that happened. We claim that only God can judge me, but we run around judging others. 
2. We don’t forgive. 
We tend to look down at certain people or community only because they have gone wrong in their past. We stereotype others based on our little knowledge and arrogance. When we feel that we can improve ourselves from our past, why can others be better too? Why don’t we pray for them? Some of us can’t. Because our hearts have been so dark, we love ignorance.
3. We don’t care.
The ugliest truth is we don’t care about others. We don’t care how much we are going to hurt them, only because they have hurt us before. Biting the snake which bit you doesn’t seem to be a good idea for me. 🙂 We don’t care spreading negativity to this beautiful world but keep complaining the lack of positiveness. Ego tells us that we were right and they were wrong, all the time. Nobody is Pharaoh. 
If we can’t pray for others, please don’t pray to God. Don’t insult God’s purity with our fake hearts. Nobody is perfect and life is short. Lets help each other o the least of including the names of those who have hurt us in our night prayers.
Sulaiman Sugumar

The man who was treated like a Pharaoh.


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