First blog on the last day.

1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds.

Wait. Before we go all excited about the new year, remember that we were in the same excitement last year. We promised many things or at least one. What happen to it? Did we achieve out target/targets? Or do we even still remember them?

We shall not look at the past? Oh yes we should. Past is there for a reason. Past is the most priceless lesson one can have. Definitely not to dwell in it or to use it against someone who tries their lungs out to improve like how I was held up against. But we all can learn from the past to avoid mistakes. My old man used to tell me that “There is nothing wrong in a mistake, but just don’t do the same mistake twice”.

We all have the freedom to choose to continue our lives in the state of denial because it’s not going to harm anyone else but ourselves. I believe that we can do anything we want as long as it doesn’t trouble or harm anyone else. So, what happened to 2016?

Nothing wrong in having a new year’s resolution but it is important to realise that a new “year” is just a frame of thought. In a simple word? Just another day. Yes. It is just another 24-hour day where the sun rises and sets as beautiful as it was since time.

What make it count is that dream and goal we set towards being a better version of ourselves. Most of our plans did not turn out well because we stopped half way. Sometimes not even half, maybe February or March and we are done. It is common to see memes on social medias on how gyms are going to be packed on January and spacious as how it used to be by April. Like this there are so many plans and dreams dead by 90 days.

You : Why this is happening?

Answer : Consistency.

You : That’s the point. How to be consistent?


Yes, how I look at this problem is that a “year” is too big or too long for the mind to handle. So? Break it up. My favourite resolution is the New Day’s Resolution. It may sound stupid to have resolution planned and carried out every single day but trust me, water did not cut through the rocks by flowing the first 30 days of a year. It runs every single day.

Example? You want to be able to play the ukulele by end of 2017. Hence you need to join a class. 4 classes every month. 1 class every week. Lets say your class in on Fridays. Clear?

Let the magic of truth be revealed.

Stop cracking your mind about not being able to play the ukulele by the end of 2017 because you can. How? Don’t miss your ukulele class every Friday, give your 100% focus learning it, absorb from your ukulele guru. Don’t worry about a year,because your success is on Friday. Not year end. If you work hard on that Friday, you will get to play the ukulele by year end 2017. I promise.

Oh ya, now you are thinking about practising at home? Sure. I told you to “absorb from your ukulele guru” remember? Your guru would have a plan for you to practice or assignments for you to complete at home. Follow the plan. Lets go deeper now. In the plan from your ukulele guru, it says that you have to practice everyday for 20 minutes. This means, if you just be laser focus on that 20 minutes daily, you will be performing ukulele on my wedding function. I promise. 😛

To put things very simple, I just want you to split your goals into smaller and tinier parts. Work well on the small duties, the big ultimate goal will take its place automatically.

With love,

Sulaiman Sugumar


[ My next blog – You can be right when you are wrong ]











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