I wanted to be an astronaut. Yeah, who doesn’t. Later after some time, being a music director was my dream. But then I became passionately involved with what I thought I will never be, a tutor and later decided to play the risk game of being an entrepreneur. One thing for sure is that both life and us, are always on the move. Always changing.

My smoking journey is the second best lesson of my life after the break up with whom I feel the queen of my life. Both hurts. At least in the beginning. And time does not heal. Healing needs effort and hard work. One does not just sit and wait for things to get better. Get your ass up and work.

Now I am a 29 year old guy, 100% excited about helping others to improve their life and find their true potential which is hidden in them ultimately on quitting cigarettes/addictions. I am NOT a certified counsellor and all my tips and help are entirely based on my experience.